Logo Design: Viajandolarte

Viajandolarte Logo

Viajandolarte is a nomadic jewelry brand. The name of the brand (Trans. The art, travelling”) is a reflection of some of its core values: location indipendence, free travel and treating each craft as a piece of art. 


As a brand mostly selling face to face, the recent pandemic brought new challenges to tackle: build an online presence and find potential customers on the internet to keep up the revenue stream. A Logo is the best way to help increase the brand recognition, as well as guaranteeing consistency across the newly built web presence making the brand stand out and recognisable.


On top of nomadism and the accent on jewellery making as a form of art, Viajandolarte wanted to state its deep connection to the Andean Roots and respect for its indigenous ancestry. The main element chosen to both point out the importance of travel and the connection to the indigenous culture is a Chakana or Inca compass with a superimposed Shipibo Pattern. 

From idea to execution, working with Davide to give my brand a voice was a pleasure. Would definitely recommend to someone who wants to give their brand's a unique voice.
Rodney Tirado
Owner - Viajandolarte