Fashion Shoot: Kamala Kaftan


Kamala Kaftan‘s brand identity is very clear: an empowering and feminine design-driven brand on a mission to inspire consumers and challenge their perceptions of the fashion industry. The owner and designer, Zsuzsan sources her fabrics and inspiration from parts of the world where she travels, handing the manufacturing process to local artisans. Kamala Kaftan’s mission and commitments are: Support local artisans, Protect the environment through the use of natural and recycled materials and supply customers with quality garments.


Zsuzsan believes everyone involved in her project should share its values and  that a family-like atmosphere must permeate every part of the process of designing and launching a new collection, including the shooting and graphic/web design I was put in charge of. When asked to work on the new Fall In 20/21 collection, the main challenge was to make sure to be totally aligned with the customer’s needs as well as being able to let the values and identity of the brand with all their nuances shine through the photographs, as well as being totally aligned with the models involved. A short deadline also called for swift execution both in terms of planning and location scouting, no chances to use extra days of shooting also meant no room for failure and added pressure on the only day of shooting.


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