Logo Design: Angkor Crafts


Angkor Crafts is a nomadic jewellery and accessories brand, mostly producing macramé jewellery, silver jewellery and leather accessories. Previously called Macradelik, they decided to rebrand and approached me to carry on the brand identity and logo design. Being a huge fan of their creations and regarding their brand values as genuine and aligned with mine I immediately accepted to work with them.


As a brand mostly selling face to face, the recent pandemic brought new challenges to tackle: build an online presence and find potential customers on the internet to keep up the revenue stream. A Logo is the best way to help increase the brand recognition, as well as guaranteeing consistency across the newly built web presence making the brand stand out and recognisable. Angkor crafts wanted to launch an Etsy store as well as marketing more on their Instagram profile.


The client reached out requesting a rebrand, transitioning from the previous brand Macradelik to Angkor Crafts. During the initial brief, the client defined a geode, the sun and the moon as the key design elements. They needed to have the three elements, the brand logotype and their motto “Heaven on Earth” represented in one logo, yet needed something sleek, minimal and not too crowded. To represent the spiritual and grounded personality of the brand we chose a Sanskrit looking font for the main type.

Fitting sun, moon and geode in a circle gently resting on the type gives the whole design harmony and conveys the message without distracting the user. The rebranding and design was a success and the online presence is bringing the desired results with a good flow of orders and a consistent image across Etsy, Facebook and Instagram. 

We couldn't be happier with this design. We reached out to Davide as we knew he would understand exactly what we wanted to communicate and he delivered. We are now using it across all our channels (Etsy, Instagram and Facebook).
Gaby and David
Owners at Angkor Crafts