It’s Never too Late.



Since I last posted from Auroville almost 4 years ago a lot has happened. My 1 year round the world sabbatical turned into a full time nomadic life, I met my wife during my travels and lived with her in India and 3 more countries since. We are getting ready for a long adventure travelling across China in the second half of 2024, so I decided to get the blog going again and have some momentum by the time we’ll be exploring and capturing the beauty of the Red Dragon.

I remember being sh*t scared about leaving a very “fancy” and high paying tech job to go backpacking without a plan at almost 30 but since then I have learned many valuable lessons, the main one being that it’s never too late. (hence the cheesy title of the post).

It’s never too late to reinvent yourself, to change career, to pick up a new hobby, passion or sport or to find your soulmate. All it takes it’s a bit of courage to set things in motion by taking the first scary steps.

As the end of 2023 approaches I just wanted to drop this note, to make writing on this blog a habit again and share more about the last 4 years and the marvellous places we’ve visited.

May 2024 be the year you take that first scary step and bring good change, no matter if big or small. 🙂

Peas and Luv.